The Book Radio


Vinay Venkatraman & Pei Yu


"The Book Radio is an innovative new way to listen to radio and revisit the way we perceive technology today"


The Book Radio is an innovative new way to listen to radio and revisit the way we perceive technology today. In current trend where technology is becoming increasing complex, the ability to make intuitive and elegant interface is of prime importance. This project looks at how we can bring technology into our homes in subtle and simple way. The book radio had been designed by Vinay Venkatraman with Pei Yu at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and now has been developed as a produceable product. 


What is it?
The book radio is designed to be a simple and ubiquitous incarnation of a digital radio in the form of a regular looking sketch book. It allows the user to experience radio in a new way by being able to scan radio channels just like flipping the pages, book mark radio stations and also annotate favorite programs by actually writing on to the relevant pages. Sliding the bookmark in or out changes the volume. The entire device is wireless and can be moved around the home and has no visible technological aspects like screens, dials or buttons.  In addition, the "book radio" inherits other qualities of a book. The user can scribble in it, place stickers or take notes while listening.




How does it works?
Technically speaking the book has embedded sensors and a powerful micro-controller (a miniature computer) in the spine. The embedded software can detect the page position by measuring the density of paper and scans a digital radio. The book then wirelessly talks to a base unit with speakers. Alternatively it can be used with headphones just like a personal music player. 


"We explored the common metaphors of everyday life and integrated them into a radio with the mental model of using a book."


View the two interesting scenarios to see how it works and its use in daily life.




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